Counselling is an art of getting a person free from his/her mental illness or stress to make him/her get focused on productivity towards goal orientation. We, at Geetha Health Care Trust, give counselling for adolescent children, students and married couples, whenever necessary.

Through counseling, one can reach to a level where he/she is at the perfect knowledge about the purpose of life. Many people will, at some point in their lives, find themselves in the role of a counsellor without having a true understanding of the concept of counselling or what the role of the professional counsellor entails.

There is a big difference between a professional counsellor and a person who uses some counselling skills as part of their role, for example their role as a friend or colleague. A professional counsellor is a highly trained individual who is able to use a different range of counselling approaches with their clients.


We also do counseling for adolescent children who are in their teen age which is an important junction of their lives. It is a time when one decides what career to choose in life. Unfortunately it is also a very misleading time of their lives where they can easily get misguided to various irreversible negative paths. Therefore we, through counseling help them choose and to learn what is right and what is wrong, ultimately leading them to a healthier and a blissful life.


We do counseling for students to make them de-stressed through which they are ultimately able to learn more from their studies, in-addition to scoring more in examinations and banging top ranks in schools and colleges. Furthermore, it leads them to a positive growth in their career and helps them to be focused to their goals and achievements will be their only target.


Through counseling we extend a helping hand to married couples who are confused about why their life has got monotonous lately. There might be some couples who think that their life has gone devastated because of so many confusions and unsaid misunderstandings. We help them by way of counseling and support them in getting together by solving their challenges to make their lives happily peaceful.

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