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Geetha Health Care Trust is a non-profit organization which solely works on its objectives to serve the society through various activities and treatments of yoga, siddha, varma, meditation, acupuncture, etc. Brahma Gnaani, Dr. T. Aiyyanarapan, the Founder / Managing Director, started Geetha Health Care Trust in the year 2009, after gaining a vast & diversified experience from various Gnana Gurus at various geographical locations of the world. The future aim of the trust is to help the society to experience peace, education and to bring a disease-free environment with abundance in love, knowledge & values. From its birth, Geetha Health Care Trust had been conducting various health camps, yoga & wellness programs, etc., at various locations, favoring and directing itself towards its objectives as mentioned above.


Health Care

“The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.”

Yoga has no age restriction like any other games. Yoga is neither a philosophy, nor a practice, but is an art. There is a part of yoga which can be practiced, whereas the other aspects of yoga give us also the message to think and live properly and ultimately to get our acts together on the whole. It helps the human beings to reach their true nature of thinking in terms of deriving the maximum benefits from minimum efforts.


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